“Let’s find a beautiful place to get lost”

As a woman, deciding to take a trip on your own can be daunting. From the moment you first open your mouth and reveal your intentions to your loved ones, to the moment your feet touch their destination, it’s very easy and very common to be plagued by fears and insecurities. If you’re in this boat, don’t worry. Most of us start out that way too.  I have learned so much from traveling alone as a woman—but there are definitely some places I would recommend more than others.


Maui, Hawai

Maui isn’t typically what comes to mind when most people think of a solo trip, but with all its activities — from surfing and hiking to driving the road to Hana and taking boating and snorkeling tours — it’s actually a great place for those flying solo.  The cool thing about Maui is that it feels like a different country than the States, what with the tropical weather and Hawaiian culture, but you do not need a passport, an RTW flight, or to learn a different language to enjoy it.



Iceland and its natural wonders are dominating social media feeds, making it tougher than ever to figure out where to go.  As a matter of fact, it is ranked numero uno on the Global Peace Index , which is a report released by the Institute for Economic and Peace regarding the peacefulness of regions and countries around the world. Fortunately, the Nordic land is notoriously friendly for female travelers and with an outfitter like Iceland Luxury to help steer you, it is not as daunting or as barren as the landscape may imply. Even though Iceland’s nickname of “The Land of Fire & Ice” sounds intimidating, solo travel is totally comfortable and easy here. The city of Reykjavik is famous for its music scene and nightlife, so you will have no problem meeting locals and fellow travelers.

Melbourne – Australia

Headed to the “Land Down Under”? Praised for its live music, award-winning food and artistic culture, Melbourne is by far one of the best places to travel alone in Australia for females. Labeled as the cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne dazzles and appeases solo female travelers with verdant gardens, large parks, theatres, galleries, museums, extensive shopping and Victorian-era architecture. As an added plus, Melbourne can serve as a base for exploring other awesome places to visit in Australia as well, such as Philip Island, The Great Ocean Road and Grampians National Park. Melbourne is also one of the safest places to travel alone for women. As a matter of fact, you can even walk around there at night on your own.

Amsterdam- Netherlands

Amsterdam, revered as one of the best places to travel alone in Europe, is a vibrant, friendly and safe city that has a lot to offer to female solo travelers. Known colloquially as the “Venice of the North”, Amsterdam enthralls solo travelers with its gorgeous canals, globally renowned museums, lovely bridges and stunning architecture. Whether you want to party, dive into its culture and history or just enjoy the relaxing feel of an old European city, there is something for every solo traveler’s taste in the Dutch capital.

Montreal – Canada

If you want to get a sweet taste of Europe without spending a fortune, Montreal is the place to be. Lauded for its rich culture and history, Montreal appeases female solo travelers with its scenic riverfront Old Port, history museums, grand old French restaurants and old cobblestone streets that are lined beautifully with 17th-century buildings. What’s more, it is home to the Montreal Botanical Gardens as well as dozens of bars and nightclubs.

Bali- Indonesia

Relaxing beaches, temples as well as inexpensive accommodations and food are just some of the top reasons why Bali is of the ultimate places to travel alone for females. With an amazing backpacking culture for young folks, budget-conscious female travelers will always someone cool to hang out with in Bali. And with all those striking beaches, you bet there are quite a few marvelous resorts for a little bit of luxury in this tropical haven. You will be so busy unwinding and soaking up the wondrous Balinese culture that you will forget that you are traveling alone.

 Ylläs, Finland

The locals are so darn amiable that you are sure to make a few friends, especially if you head to the female-owned-and-run Aurora Estate, where the owners can help you plan some awesome excursions snowmobiling and snowshoeing. The region is also home to the only ski slopes in the country, which tend to draw solo travelers. Head to an after-ski bar, join a husky safari, or talk to the locals in Snowman World (ice bar and restaurant). Who knows? You might catch the Northern Lights, too!


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