There are lot of things that can turn on a guys- in fact, there may be fewer things that actually turns them off, these stuff are usually done by the bad girls . You do not have to be bad person in order to do badass things to turn the guys on you can be just you as your life goes and style just the way you are, but in bed if you know things it becomes exciting to try something new to turn on men.


When a girl laughs

Getting aroused or excited when a girl laughs, is one of the most natural things a guy can feel. There have been many studies on the subject, that shows that a smiling girl can instantly trigger the attraction mechanism in the guy.

Girl with Undershirts

One guy on a survey mentioned that he gets really excited by girls that wear undershirt, that can be obviously sexy if the girl has the body and the curves that the exposed body is sexy to expose in undershirt.

Scratching his back

Another poster on a forum thread said that he loves it when girl scratches his back and tickles the neck from right from the place where the hairline begins. It makes them wildly turned on. The area around the neck is an erogenous zone.

Girls in yoga pants

When yoga pants were first introduced, the original designed had probably no idea that this type of simple and cheap type of pants would become such sexy piece of clothing. They probably thought that women would only use the pants for yoga but now these days it has become so popular as the body shape is seen exact  and intact that men looses their mind.

Pregnant women

Although this is a rare type of fetish, it is not entirely obscure. Some guys have reported that they are every turned on by the sight of a pregnant woman, That is a bad fetish to have, as most pregnant women are already taken, in a way.

Playing with your hair

A lot of women have been known to un sociably play with their hair if they feel attracted to men or even if the guy feels pleasant to them. That is probably why some guys are attracted to girls that plays with their hair.

Wearing Sky-high Heels

This is one is probably one of the most well- known fetishes in the world- high heels. Not every guy is going to like them but by most estimate at least 95{f10be90aee693bceab49dc45e0b2870dce0c13d03059c4dcb859f2a0b8457bfb} of guys are going to fall head over heels or a girl that wears those shoes.

 Your boobs

 Every guy is aroused by a good looking pair of jugs. And if you want to turn a guy on, remember that you get bonus points for stiff nipples or not wearing a bra!


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