The Hon’ble Justices
Supreme Court

The judicial tremors that we witnessed through the open dissent of the four presiding judges in a press briefing have left us shaky and jolted the image of an independent judiciary. You know that as citizens when all our grievances against the system go unaddressed, we clutch to the last straws of the judiciary as our hope restorer.

We believe that institutions such as judiciary survive on people’s confidence, but if issues like selective allocation of cases to particular benches or delays in deciding the Memorandum of Procedure for judges appointment or matters of national importance to be adjudicated by senior judges are brought into the open will surely undermine our faith in the judiciary.

When we hear about judges of legally navigating private medical institutions towards a favourable settlement of their cases or violation of basic fundamentals of law that no one should be a judge in his own case, I guess the institutional credibility of judiciary takes a hit. The politicization of the issue was a national casualty as we watched in dismay the politicians drawing political capital out of the crisis.

As an ordinary citizen, I believe that administration of justice, rule of law or designation of benches whether arbitrary or not are your internal matters that should be resolved, the sooner the better for us.

An Earnest Indian