The Dec13, 2001 attack was the biggest attack on India’s shrine of democracy, the Indian Parliament.
For a change, the caustic slugfest prior to the Gujarat elections was kept in the background as political rulers, including PM Narendra Modi and his forerunner Manmohan Singh thronged to pay their homage to the 2001 Parliament attack martyrs. Prominent parliamentarians of the likes of Vice President Venkaiah Naidu to President of Congress, Rahul Gandhi paid their homages.

The storming on the Indian Parliament was carried out on December 13, 2001by five heavily weapon equipped gunmen opening indiscriminate shooting, killing 9 people.
The emotionally wrapped up photographs of the 2001 tragedy has brought the political contenders on the same page as we flip through the photographs:

PM Modi, Manmohan Singh And Sumitra Mahajan In The Frame Paying Tributes


PM Modi Shaking Hands With Manmohan Singh During The Tribute Paying Moments


Cutting Across Party Lines Leaders Pay Respect To The Parliament Attack Martyrs
Rare Solidarity Shown On The 16th Parliament Terror Attack Anniversary


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