A Ferry carrying 251 people on Thursday capsized in stormy seas off between Dinahican, Quezon and Polilio Island.The accident occurred off the town of Real about 70 kilometers East of Manila as the boat headed from the port towards the remote island of Polillo in rough weather.
Many of the rescue boats and helicopters sent to the area have been hampered by bad weather, although some local boats are said to have already rescued some passengers on board as per the official spokesman from the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG).A local emergency services official, Juanito Diaz, said initial reports suggested the ferry, which has not been named, “sustained a big hole that caused it to capsize”.

“The rescuers are still scouring the water in search of other possible passengers,” he said, the Philippines Inquirer reports.The Tropical Storm Tembin was forecast to hit land early on Friday and people traveling home for Christmas were warned to take caution, the vessel was allowed to sail as there were no storm warnings near Polillo.Such accidents are relatively common in the Philippines, which frequently experiences storms.PCG is coordinating with the Armed Forces of the Philippines for the deployment of its air and maritime assets to join the search and rescue.


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