Cosmo Times had its moments of introspection and has remained a responsible and objective news giver so that its readers can form their own rational opinions. We in our centennial edition believe in credible, unadulterated news reporting that is the sine qua non in a democracy. It’s not in our rule-book to act like paid news channels or being subservient to the powers that be, but we believe in presenting sifted information that funnels through hard truths and accurate details.

There are recent trends in the media to depict non-issues like real issues. We refrain from such motivated practices and have given mileage to real issues staring at the nation like economic and unemployment related scenarios, medical care related fiascos or citizen oriented subjects linked to social, financial or educational spheres. We did not turn a blind eye to the grim economic realities facing our nation, be it the plight of our farmers or cotton growers and gave equal coverage to rising inflation effects, farmer’s suicide as well as the glitz and glamour. To share every real bit of information with our readers and keeping every segment on board is our objective.

We welcome all shades of opinion into our prism of news reporting and remain committed to separate facts from fiction. Our priorities have never gone haywire as we give balance coverage to entertainment as well as socio-economic matters. Reaching to our audiences as India’s comic journal we also have set our benchmark in churning cutting-edge news and analysis to our valuable readers.

Into our 100th edition, we remain relentless in following every story that matters to our patrons either through illustrations or hard-core reporting.



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