As 2017 draws to a close, a glancing at the different news splashes that featured this year, it’s vexing how false news hugely dominated the Internet on various occasions. A splurge of phony news exchanged across social media forums directly from Twitter to WhatsApp and Facebook was seen umpteen times, to the degree that “fake news” was also designated word of the year by Collins Dictionary on account of its popular use over the world.

So much so that the use of the term “fake news” noted a 365{f10be90aee693bceab49dc45e0b2870dce0c13d03059c4dcb859f2a0b8457bfb} increase in 2017, displaying Trump’s repeated use of the term, along with hoax stories that went viral in the current year. Declared as “fake, often sensational, news spread under the garb of news reporting,” it has directly influenced news reporting all over the globe.

While social media is an excellent place to exchange news and enjoy some frolic, people need to be aware of sensationalised reports that might not be true. The following instances landed most online users in a soup after the truth behind each one was unearthed.

1. Akash Ambani’s Viral ‘Marriage Card Valued Rs 1.5 Lakh Made Of Gold’


The Fake News That Got Viral About Akash Ambani’s 1.5 Lakh Wedding Card


A clip displaying an intricate wedding card, purportedly with genuine gold plating, was completing the rounds of different social media forums, with rumour mills harping that this card could belong to Mukesh and Nita Ambani’s eldest son, Akash Ambani. However, Reliance Industries Ltd nullified the news stating: A fake video, displaying an alleged marriage card of Mr Akash Ambani – Board Member, Reliance Jio, is being presently flashed on different social media and immediate message forums. We would want to explain that this video is wholly untrue and carries hoax content intended only for sensationalism.

2. The ‘zombie’ Angelina Jolie Resemble ‘after 50 surgeries’


Sarah Tabar The Teenager Undergoes 50 Surgeries To Resemble Angelina Jolie


Nineteen-year-old Sahar Tabar’s images flashed all over the Internet with the assertion that she undergone 50 surgeries to resemble her Hollywood icon Angelina Jolie and made ripples across social media. Later, it became known after an interview with Sputnik, that the arguments of Tabar employing plastic surgery to resemble Jolie was really wrong, with the results being attributed to well, “technology”. Keep in mind that in the present age, seeing is not believing.

3. The claim of Swami Vivekananda’s statue being beheaded by Muslims

Swami Vivekananda’s Statue Beheaded By Muslims


A snap of Swami Vivekananda’s beheaded statue emerged on social media. Subsequently, a website called Akhand Bharat disclosed that the anti-social element who harmed the statue was later arrested. However, it converted into a communal tussle when a tweet alleging that Muslims beheaded it went viral. The tweet by handle @ShankhNaad was retweeted numerous times, but it was shown to be a hoax.

4. The viral snap of Golden Temple wonderfully lit with lanterns during Diwali

Lit Up Golden Temple


While the whole country was celebrating Diwali, a breathtaking picture of the Golden Temple with soaring goldern lanterns in the sky delighted many hearts online. The snap went viral after many stars went to Twitter for sharing it. However, subsequently it was discovered to be photoshopped. Twitter user Navkaran Brar, who had designed the picture exposed it and also asked for credit from whoever who exchanged his picture.

5. Hilarious memes of the false photo of global leaders from the G20 Summit


An image from the G20 Summit in July attracted plenty of jokes primarily due to the expressions on US President Donald Trump’s and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s face. The findings of the caption contest are hilarious, without many probably realising that the image was fake. Yes, Russian President Vladimir Putin did not feature in the real photo and one user accused it was photoshopped by Russian press. The real photo by the Associated Press displays that the chair where Putin has been photoshopped was owned by Theresa May.


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