“The gladdest moment in human life, methinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton


The city of 1500 bridges, endless canals and even more bikes, Amsterdam is one of the Europe’s most popular cities. Amsterdam Dutch is the capital of the most populous municipality of the Netherlands. Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Along with its beautiful gabled houses and flower-decked watersides, there are more to see that I can explain. Whether your interests are more of a Golden Age art or,  graffiti, high culture or getting high in a coffee shop. It is one of my favourite cities in the world. You will love its brick buildings, open skyline, rich history, and relaxed, easy-going attitude toward life. A great way to orient yourself to the city is walking tour. You will learn some history, find out where the major cities are, and explore all those winding canals. Free walking tours are wonderful first activity in any city.
It is not only about coffee shops there is so much to see and discover in the capital of Netherlands.



Canal Tour

Amsterdam is the city tied to the water it is synonymous with its canal- it grew around its canals and the taming of the Amstel River. The canals of Amsterdam are incredibly beautiful, there is nothing like seeing the city from a boat. The city is centred around the UNESCO-listed Canal Ring, where three canals form a horseshoe shape around the old centre. But beyond that, there is Jordaan, a former working-class area that’s now full of galleries, restaurants and boutiques among some of the prettiest stretch of canals.


It is full of weird and wonderful museums. Check out the Pianola Museum in the Jordaan or visit the Katten Kabinet, a museum dedicated entirely to works of art that depict cats.
Jewish Historical Museum– Often overlooked in favour of The Anne Frank House, the Jewish Historical Museum tells the history of the Jews’ prominent and influential position in Amsterdam. The exhibit on World War II does a great job of highlighting Dutch complacency, resistance, and guilt over the Holocaust.
Amsterdam History Museum- This museum features a very thorough history of Amsterdam. It is big, and you will need 3–4 hours to really go through it in detail. There are a lot of relics, maps, paintings, and audiovisual displays throughout the museum. My favourite is the computer graphic at the entrance showing the growth and construction of the city over time. I cannot recommend this museum enough.

Written below are the places where you can visit in Amsterdam:
  • Waterlooplein Flea Market–This open-air market is like a giant flea market — everything and everyone can be found here. People sell secondhand clothes, hats, antiques, gadgets, and much more. You can also find new and unused items. If there is something you want, you will probably find it here. Open Monday to Saturday.
  • Day trip to Haarlem– Place to visit: Just a quick train (or bike) ride from Amsterdam, Harlem is a quiet Dutch town that has a beautiful central church, great outdoor market, and all the beauty of historic Amsterdam with fewer crowds.
  • Visit Noord– Leave the city centre, take the ferry across the IJ, and visit the up and coming area of Noord Amsterdam. In the last few years, a lot of people have moved here (it’s cheap), cool markets and restaurants have opened, and a lot of old industrial land has been reclaimed for public use. It is the new hip place to be! Be sure you visit the famous EYE, Amsterdam’s film institute.
  • The Amsterdam library– The city’s library is a beautiful modern building built in 2007. It is one of my favourites to relax in the city. It is quiet, peaceful, and there is nothing like reading a good book with a great view! has a wonderful top floor cafe with an impressive view of the city.
  • Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam– Like modern art? Well, I do not like but if you do, this is the place in the city to see it!
  • Foodhallen– Located in Amsterdam West, this place is what the name implies – a food hall! This indoor food market has various vendors serving a variety of delicious food. It is like food trucks in one location. Personal favourites include Viet View, Le Big Fish, and Friska.

  • Houseboat Museum– This museum will show what it is like to live in a houseboat! I have experienced it and it was wonderful and would suggest the same for you.


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