The New Year’s party is right around the corner and if you are looking for ways to glam up your style quotient with your fresh look then read on as we show you 5 style tips that you can follow:


Tip #1:  The season for velvets

You heard it! Velvet is ruling the style trend right now and it’s something everyone is falling in love with

5 Ways To Glam Up Your New Year Look

  • Dress in this dreamy texture with a cute little number or a long body-con dress
  • You can also try to pull off a jumpsuit to move away from the traditional look and go for a bolder appeal
  • This cloth will give a dreamy dimension to your body so don’t be scared to show off your curves

Tip #2: Sequence love

If you are not too big on velvets then you can always opt for a shimmery look to make sure you don’t go unnoticed

5 Ways To Glam Up Your New Year Look

  • A sequence dress is a perfect way to style for the most awaited party of the year
  • Wear a knee lengthen shimmer dress with black transparent stockings and boots or stilettos
  • You can also try a full-length dress that fits your curves

Tip #3: Tame The Tresses

No look will be complete without the right hairstyle to go with your outfit

5 Ways To Glam Up Your New Year Look

  • Prepare for the type of hairstyle you wish to adorn along with your preferred outfit
  • Keep it simple. Let your hair flow at it’s will or tie it up in a cute little pony or bun
  • Basically, make sure you are comfortable with the hairstyle because don’t want to look shabby by the end of the night

Tip #4: Style thy Feet

Find your favorite pair of footwear that compliments your party look

5 Ways To Glam Up Your New Year Look

  • You know already that the night will call for hours and hours of dancing, across the room conversations and so much more. So save your feet the ordeal and invest in footwear that will comfort you through the night
  • Buy a pair of heels or boots that you know you can maintain yourself in, even if you’re high on life during the party

Tip #5: Powder and pout

Accentuate your look with the right make up

5 Ways To Glam Up Your New Year Look

  • Use products that are long-lasting, hydrating and do not make you look cakey be the end
  • Do not be afraid of colors on your face.
  • Since shimmer is in this season, use highlighters and eyeshadows that add the sparkle to your get up
  • Out of all, make sure you keep your skin healthy well before the party

Tip #6: Layer The Look

Adding the right accessories and layers will help complete the look

5 Ways To Glam Up Your New Year Look

  • Go for the long earrings that you have been waiting to try all year long
  • Use belts to define your waist
  • Add jackets create diversions
  • Wear chokers to add length to your neck


Time to glam up ladies, don’t shy away from styling yourself this New Years party!



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